This page offers you more information on the different activities we offer at the BOD. To see which companies participate in which activities, take a look at the program.


Presentations are the best to orientate yourself as a student! During the presentation, company employees will shed some light on the company’s activities and its career opportunities. There will be enough time to ask your questions. There is no CV selection for presentations, but there a limited spots available (its a first come first serve basis).


A workshop is the perfect way to get to know a company in an interactive manner, together with other selected students. Most of the workshops contain a case, which gives you an impression of the work you could do at the company. All workshops take 2.5 hours. Specific information on all the cases can be found on each company profile.

Individual Meetings

Almost ready to start your career? Do you want to get in contact with a company on a highly personal level? Then an individual meeting is the best way to explore your potential career opportunities at the specific company. In a meeting of 20 minutes you have the opportunity to get to know eachother.

Company Brunches

You have the opportunity to enjoy a fully catered lunch in the KIT together with some employees of your company of interest. This lunch offers you, besides a good meal, the time to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

Company Dinners

After a whole day of workshops, presentations and individual meetings a dinner completes your day. In an informal setting you can ask the company all the questions you (still) have. All dinners take place in special locations arranged by the companies themselves. Most are within walking distance of the KIT. Therefore, this is the perfect way to end your day at the BOD.