Is your company interested in being a part of the Business Orientation Days? Please read ahead to get some extra information on the event itself and the procedures on how to become a partner.

The Business Orientation Days (BOD) offers a unique opportunity for students to reach out to their potential future employers. The participating students have a foremost background in financial economics or econometrics. Furthermore, a growing part of our students are following a technical or data driven study. The majority of these students seek for opportunities to start their career and want to become better acquainted with companies that interest them. First and second year bachelor students will also visit the event to discover what possibilities their education has to offer in practice.

The BOD aims to create an interactive atmosphere between companies and students, both domestic and foreign. The BOD creates an ideal opportunity for your company to meet talented and motivated students exploring career possibilities.

The BOD connects your company with highly talented students through the means of several different activities. We offer the possibility to take place in a Presentation, Workshop, Individual Meeting, Lunch, Dinner or the Business Fair. In these events, your company gets the opportunity to meet potential future employees.

For most of the activities you have the option to select students based on their CV’s. Not the quantity, but the quality of students explains the success of previous editions of the BOD.

If you are interested in participating in the BOD 2024 and you want more information about the activities we offer, please contact one of our acquisition members by sending us an email. We can then provide you with a supplementary brochure about the event and the different activities.