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Sectors: Trading, Data Science & Business Analytics

Who are we?

Have you ever considered that there is an entire trading system behind the light switch in your house? At Northpool we trade energy, you can compare this to trading stocks. In the past we were dependent on large power plants, now renewables are taking over more and more. This makes the energy market more interesting, but also more unpredictable. To make the best decisions on the trading floor, it is important that our traders always have the most recent info on their screens. Jelle Hockx, Team Lead Data Science and graduated Physicist, will take you along in his work: building models that enable one traders to make the best decisions.

Work for us

At Northool we are looking for new talent. Will you join one of our trading desks as a trader, analyst, operation manager or Quantitative Developer? Or do you fit better in the role of Data Engineer or Data Scientist? At Northpool there are many opportunities for a fantastic start to your career.

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