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Sectors: Asset & Risk Management, Banking, Econometrics

Who are we?

We are a bank for young and old, for rich and poor, for freelancers, SMEs, large business, institutions and corporate clients. At ING we want to enable all kinds of people and companies to realise their dreams for a better future − no matter how big or small those dreams may be.

Work for us

ING offers promising master’s graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their talent on a traineeship within the bank. We believe that you have the talent and potential to help us turn the financial sector around. Expectations are high but, in return, you have the opportunity to shine. During this traineeship, you’ll receive intensive training and ongoing support to ensure that you can fulfil your true potential and make a real difference at ING.

What are we going to do at the Business Orientation Days?

We will focus our workshop on our Risk Management domain. This means that we will first tell you everything about how to keep the bank safe. Topics we’ll discuss are for example Credit Risk, Market Risk and Non-financial Risk. Of course we’ll also elaborate on the opportunities for graduates within Risk, such as our International Talent Programme. Our current Risk trainees will host this session and we will end the activity with a fun game about interest rates. May the best team win!

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