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Sectors: Banking, Digital Technology, Data Science & Business Analytics

Who are we?

International, innovative, sustainable and… orange!
That’s right, we’re talking about ING. The leading Dutch bank for digital banking.
You’ll know us through our mobile banking app that lets you carry out all your bank transactions yourself. And you’ll know us as the sponsor of Dutch football. Maybe even through your own club.

We help our customers to stay one step ahead, in both their private and professional lives. The same goes for our own people, of course. Their wellbeing is our top priority. We make sure everyone can feel good about themselves and maintain a good work-life balance.

We’re an international bank operating in more than 40 countries. We work on a global scale, for tens of millions of customers. International exchanges are a natural part of what we do.

We’re innovative. We’re big, but we adopt a start-up mindset whenever we can, embracing the latest technologies, insights and working methods. We experiment and break new ground. If we occasionally make mistakes, we learn from them. We were the very first bank to introduce agile working, like Spotify.

We’re sustainable. Sustainability is integrated in everything we do at ING. In the products we offer our customers, such as ‘green loans’. In our investments in renewable energy. And in the days off that our employees can take to do voluntary work.

Above all we’re orange. We roll up our sleeves and finish the job. We’re transparent, take responsibility and help others to be successful. We go for it 100%.

Work for us

And how orange are you?

Are you a go-getter who follows through and gets things done? Someone who’s committed to the world and the people around you, creative, curious, keen to learn and explore? Smart, a bit stubborn, but at the same time open to other people’s knowledge and opinions? Sociable, convivial, down to earth and just comfortable with being you? We love all those qualities. Especially if you’re studying or due to graduate soon.


Not yet ready to graduate but interested in really getting to know what it’s like to work at ING? It’s possible to do an 3-9 month internship: the ideal opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, start to build up your own network, and learn about many different aspects of business. Most internships start in February or September.


Our International Talent Programme prepares talent for a future role, for example as a portfolio manager, Chapter lead running your own engineering team or even become the next CEO. This two-year programme lets you shape your career the way you want: You start with three rotations, of which you can even do one abroad, if circumstances allow. After the first year you will start a permanent job. You will start working, for example, as a Product Owner, Junior Market Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager or DevOps Engineer. During the traineeship you will receive training focused on personal, professional, relational and organisational development. You will also receive guidance from management, a mentor and your trainee manager to get the most out of yourself.

Do you already know what you would like to do? Start your career in one of our starter positions and discover many ways to develop your talents and get to know new people. Every year, ING gives hundreds of young people a fantastic career boost

What are we going to do at the Business Orientation Days?

Challenge yourself with an ING case

We are in a transition period to phase out fossil fuel usage by the end of the century. What is the role of banks and other financial institutions in this transition period? How can ING facilitate the required investments in new energy technologies and what financial product innovations are needed? In an interactive workshop ING will share its views on the above questions and invite the students to work on the financing of a real life case.

Learn more about working @ING during our presentation

During the presentation our risk and finance trainees will share their journey with the International Talent Program. Why did they choose to apply for ING after their graduation and how is it to do multiple jobs in the bank during a two year program?

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