Company | Vodafone Ziggo

Sectors: Financial Services, Digital Technology, Data Science & Business Analytics

Who are we?

VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections, between people and for people. We are the driving force of the Dutch digitization, but also the builder of the network of the future. We use the power of technology to make society stronger. The world is getting ever more connected. 

Connectivity and communication have become the pillars of our society and economy. But connectivity is so much more than smart connections between networks or the technique we use to make contact. In the end, life is all about feeling connected. With each other, with the things that matter. So people, companies and society can progress. That is why the mission of VodafoneZiggo is: enjoyment and progress with every connection. 

Work for us

Our ambitious vision for the future can only become reality through the dedicated efforts of professionals who are happy and content. That’s why we endeavor always to bring out and nurture the very best in our employees. In you. Our ultimate objective? A culture in which everyone feels at home and at their prime. On an ordinary day at work, but also at a social events like barbecues. And how about a fantastic party at the Ziggo Dome or a football tournament at the Johan Cruijff ArenA? It’s all part of our fun. Within VodafoneZiggo we have many opportunities for students: 

  • Do an internship in one of our 8 business units, from Finance to B2C and from Customer Operations to External and Legal Affairs 
  • Once you finish studying you can Become a Discover Trainee or look at our Talent Programs and kick-start your career 

What is our Discover traineeship all about?
With three challenging projects to bring out the professional in you and various workshops designed for your personal growth, no week will be the same. Don’t worry. We won’t just push you in and see if you can swim. From day one you will be part of a group of fellow trainees and dedicated mentors. Everything to help you grow on a professional and personal level. 

What are we going to do at the Business Orientation Days?

During our workshop you will learn more about they agile way of working by solving a case. 

Participating programs