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Sectors: Consultancy, Asset & Risk Management, Data Science & Business Analytics

Who are we?

RiskQuest is a consulting firm specializing in developing state-of-the art models and solutions for managing financial risks, preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, and making data-driven decisions to realize a sustainable strategy. 

Since we were founded in 2008, we have been able to build and maintain an impressive customer base and work for all major Dutch financial institutions, including the Dutch central bank. We focus on our three pillars; Data Science, Financial Risk Modelling and Data Foundation. 

The growing team consists of 60 exceptional quants with backgrounds in mathematics, physics, and econometrics, combined with a strong commercial sense and the ability to explain complex matters to management, development, and academic audiences. 

Our beautiful office is located at the Herengracht in Amsterdam. The working culture is open and informal, we value entrepreneurship, and always thrive for the highest quality. There is an intense social life with daily chess matches, ping-pong competitions, after-work drinks, and regular trips. 

Work for us

A complex financial world demands robust risk management – and equally robust models are the key to success. Our models help create a better understanding of the underlying factors that drive intricate relationships, bring transparency, lower costs and provide a guide for taking the right decisions. 

Yet while models form the core of our services, we perceive them as a means rather than an end. Statistics are no substitute for judgment – the decision makers must understand what a model can and cannot do. 

We co-create with our clients, tailor a crucial and unique level of oversight and align the models with their strategies. 

What are we going to do at the Business Orientation Days?

At RiskQuest we are Quantitative Consultants, hence being an excellent programmer is not the only thing that is important. Therefore, we have prepared a short lecture of 15 minutes to tell the students about what we do and how we do it, followed by a nice lunch.  


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