Company | Innopay

Sectors: Consultancy, Strategy Consultancy

Who are we?

We are a consultancy firm specialized in digital transactions. We help companies anywhere in the world to harness the full potential of the digital transactions ecosystem. Our team includes more than 50 experienced domain experts who regularly advise a wide range of global organisations. Our mission is to guide organisations worldwide to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital transactions ecosystem.

Work for us

AS JUNIOR MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT you will work closely in a team that advises companies on strategic topics in the field of digital transactions. You will be responsible for specific components of the project, such as performing outside-in or inside-out analyses, conducting interviews with clients or specialists. Besides project responsibilities, you will have the opportunity to help write proposals for clients and build propositions on key themes.

What are we going to do at the Beroependagen?

During our workshop, you and your team will solve a challenging case on one of INNOPAY’s core strategic topics. With your team, you will assess technologies and analyse market information to determine the best innovation strategy for our client and design an implementation approach. Touching upon business, technology and regulatory challenges, your team will ensure that our client realises its strategic objectives . We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop!

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