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Sector: Trading

Who are we?

Deep Blue Capital is a highly automated proprietary trading firm specialized in statistical arbitrage that only trades with its own capital (no clients). We have achieved consistently high returns and continue to grow strongly as we invest in new markets and new trading strategies. Our story begins in 2002 when our founders, two associate professors in mathematics, established a separate R&D department at an existing trading firm. What started out as a part-time project has turned, after many years of hard work, into a flourishing enterprise. We separated from the trading firm in 2008 and established our own company, Deep Blue Capital, named after the IBM computer that beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1996. The firm operates out of a single office in Amsterdam and is mid-sized. 

We strongly believe in coupling human creativity with automation. If something can be done by a computer than we think it should be done by a computer. Humans provide creativity, do research, implement automationand interpret news. We develop new trading algorithms using statistical methods, working in small diverse teams. We only hire skilled graduates with a strong quantitative background. 

We have a fairly flat organisational structure and do not like red tape, politics or hype. Good ideas are taken seriously no matter who they come from. We are informal and don’t wear suits in the office: it’s what’s in your head that matters, not what’s on your back. 


We are a highly automated proprietary trading firm that operates without clients, using only our own capital. We operate a number of statistical arbitrage strategies that trade on over 30 equity and futures markets worldwide. The strategies are implemented using our in-house software platform. They do not rely on low latency. Given our high degree of automation, we have no human traders, only risk managers that monitor the trading decisions made by the computer programs. 

Work for us

Job openings: Junior Trader 

What we offer 

  • Being part of an ambitious young team in a company that is going places
  • On the job training
  • Opportunities for development and advancement
  • We encourage individual creative contributions and ideas
  • Excellent remuneration package  


  • 22 employees in the Netherlands
  • 1 location and only active in the Netherlands
  • Average age 30 years old
  • 1 woman, 21 men
  • 1 to 2 internships per year
  • 2 to 3 starting positions per year

What are we going to do at the Business Orientation Days?

We will start with a presentation introducing ourselves, Deep Blue Capital and the case.

The case will give an impression of the type of research a quantitative trader does at Deep Blue Capital. You will be using market knowledge and statistical tools to create a profitable trading strategy. Your strategy will be tested out-of-sample to see how good the strategy actually is. We will measure the quality of your strategy by the amount of money it makes out-of-sample.

Part of the case needs to be solved using Octave, which is similar to Matlab. Prior knowledge of Octave or the stock market is not required. And we encourage you to ask questions during the case.

The participants will be placed into groups of three. You score points based on your performance. The group with the most points will win a small prize. 

The case will be presented in English. 

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